Welcome to Deli Bakery

Hola y Bienvenido! I am Lisette, and I’d like to invite you to discover the world of sourdough bread baking! Since last year, I’ve been living in the charming white village of Coín, amidst the beautiful Andalusia, where my love for bread baking has flourished.

My mission is simple yet powerful: I believe that everyone can relish in the creation of their own sourdough bread. Baking doesn’t need to be complicated, and during my workshops, I will share the secrets to the art of baking sourdough!

Who I am?

Deli Bakery was founded by Lisette, a dedicated baker with a passion for authentic bread. After years of experimenting and learning, Lisette has combined her knowledge and skills to inspire and guide others on their own baking journey.

The workshops are designed to teach participants everything they need to know about sourdough bread baking. From creating your own sourdough starter to perfectly kneading and baking your bread, we guide you step by step through the process.

I believe in the power of community and sharing. My workshops are not only educational but also an opportunity to meet like-minded bread lovers and exchange experiences.

Do you want to experience the art of sourdough bread baking yourself? Then check out my sourdough bread workshops page for more information and to reserve your spot.